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Dentex Industries Ltd

Dentex Industries Limited is a fully registered company in Kenya. The company started in the year 1986 as a plastic manufacturing business: It has grown in size in manufacturing processes to a fully-fledged class of manufacturing business entity. Dentex Industries Ltd specializes in manufacturing of rigid plastic products for packaging. It has become one of the leaders in plastic packaging in the region. Our customers are mainly major Pharmaceutical companies, Restaurants, Ice cream manufacturers, Tomato Sauce companies, Mineral water companies and other Multinational companies.


Commitment To Work

We are committed to the manufacture of high-quality plastic products that meet or exceed of our customers and applicable statutory and regulatory requirements.


We Offer A Great Variety Of

We have procedures and systems to be followed in the factory, fully driven towards ensuring the best quality of products in the industry to satisfy our customers.

  • Work Commitment
  • Cost Effective
  • Good Teamwork
  • Quality Standards

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